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You May Soon Be Paying $19 a Month For FREE Locals

It looks like TV rates may soon be going up, and this time the warning comes from the members of the American Cable Association.

According to the ACA, their members are currently paying on average $11 per cable TV subscriber for locals. They say by 2020 that price will be going up to $19 a month.

“Corporate broadcasters have become increasingly aggressive over the years in charging for retransmission consent, and it’s clear that they have no reservations taking escalating amounts of money from consumers to line their pockets,” said Matthew M. Polka, ACA president and CEO, in a prepared statement.

Polka added, “The corporate broadcasters are out of control. No other industry operates this way. No other sector would get away with such massive price increases in just three years. Why is this okay? Quite simply, it is not, and consumers should not have to pay the bill for something Washington should have changed years, if not decades, ago.”

So what exactly do you get for this fee? You get locals that most Americans get for free with an antenna. So if you have yet to make the jump to become a cord cutter now may be the time to make the leap before your cable TV bill jumps up again.

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