MLB Close to Deal Ending Blackouts

Major League Baseball has long made it clear they want to end blackouts of baseball games through their At Bat service. Sadly their hands have been tied until they could get major networks like Fox to agree to contract changes.

The good news for cord cutters is that Sports Business Journal is reporting Fox has agreed to end the blackouts for next year’s MLB season. This was all recently hinted at by MLB in an interview but now sounds like it is pretty much a done deal.

While no details have been released this is a huge move for cord cutting, potentially freeing millions from having to agree to a two-year contract to satisfy their baseball fix. This would be the largest sport yet to make all of their games available online.

Recently the Golf Channel launched their own streaming service making their content available online without the need for a cable subscription. Smaller sports like tennis and cricket have also launched streaming services in recent years.

Hopefully MLBs move to end blackouts will put pressure on college football and the NFL to offer blackout-free streaming services. As cord cutting grows they will have no other options as more and more people cancel cable and weaken the power of cable companies to control content.

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