More Cable TV Providers Will Stop Offering TV Services & Move to Streaming Only This Year

scissors cutting cordFor the second time, this week a cable TV service provider is shifting its focus from cable TV to streaming. This time, a Minnesota company is letting customers know that the cost of traditional TV has become too expensive and no longer makes sense as an option for customers.

Gigabit Minnesota sent the notice to customers and posted the notice on their website in December 2019. This is how they explain the decision.

The TV business is a changing….We are looking at another LARGE TV Content Cost increase that we will have to pass on to you our customers.  This cost increase makes our TV service just way too expensive so we are going to be leaving the TV business effective January 31, 2020.

While the company is dropping cable as an option for customers, Gigabit Minnesota announced that they’re lowering the prices and increasing the speeds of their internet options, making content streaming possible for all customers.

Thanks to our readers for letting us know about the service providers in their areas dropping cable and encouraging customers to start streaming. If you’ve gotten a similar notice, let us know!

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