Movie Lending on Movies Anywhere is Now Available for More Users

Last month, Movies Anywhere launched a closed beta test on its movie lending feature where you can share your movie rentals with friends. The feature was set to launch in open beta in May, but Movies Anywhere moved up the date. As of today, all users have access to the movie lending feature through the open beta test.

With the open beta, anyone will be able to accept a Screen Pass, but only the beta test group can send Screen Passes. Users can send a Screen Pass on an invite-only basis. Click here to be considered to join the beta test.

Once an eligible user is confirmed for open beta, they will be able to send a Screen Pass to a friend or family member, thereby giving them immediate access to also begin sending Screen Passes from their own collection. This creates a network effect, building the Screen Pass community virally.

Screen Pass allows Movies Anywhere users to share up to three films per month. After the film is shared, the recipient will have seven days to accept, then 14 days to access the film. Once the film is started, the recipient will have 72 hours to finish the film. The person receiving the film will need a Movies Anywhere account to watch.

There aren’t any limits on how many times a film can be shared, and the original owner can access the film while it’s being lent out. Since there’s no messaging capabilities in open beta, users will have to communicate with their friends outside the app on which films they want to share. Then they’ll need an invite to the open beta.

Not all films available on Movies Anywhere can be shared. Right now, this feature is in a beta period with over 6,000 titles eligible for sharing. During beta testing, not all Movies Anywhere users will be able to share their titles, but all users will be able to receive and watch titles.

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