Movies Anywhere has Horror Movies on Sale Starting at $4.99

Looking to build up your spooky movie collection before Halloween? Now is the perfect time to start with Movies Anywhere’s digital movie sale going on now. You can get in all the scares you can handle with Halloween themed movies on sale for as low as $4.99.

Movies on sale include classics like Nightmare on Elm Street and Night of the Living Dead, remakes like IT, recent hits like Jordan Peele’s US, and spooky family favorites like Goosebumps and Hotel Transylvania.

Once you purchase the movie, you can save it to your library and create the ultimate scary movie night with friends remotely with the new Movies Anywhere Watch Together feature. With Watch Together, you can watch your favorite movies with friends and family, with fully integrated, seamless co-viewing across mobile, web, and connected devices. While many services are now offering co-viewing features, Movies Anywhere says it is the only app that allows purchased movies to be synced.

To get started, select a title from your Movies Anywhere collection and select the Watch Together button. You’ll be given a room code or URL that you can use to invite up to 9 guests to your virtual room. When everyone has joined the room, you can start the movie for you and all of the guests. Note that all guests must have either purchased, redeemed a digital code, or received a Screen Pass for the selected movie in order to Watch Together.

Anyone who receives a Watch Together room code or URL can log into their Movies Anywhere account or sign up for a free account to join in on the viewing party. The feature is free for both hosts and guests, and there’s no limit on how many Watch Together movies you can host or join.