NBC Plans to Reduce Ads By 10%

In an effort to fight against cord cutting, this week NBC announced plans to cut their ads on both broadcast and cable TV networks by 10% during prime time. They went on to say they plan to reduce the number of ads per break by 20%.

This all comes as cable networks and broadcast TV struggle to find ways to address the growth of cord cutting. With Americans increasingly turning to services that are ad-free, NBC is hoping fewer commercials on traditional pay-TV will help to slow down cord cutting.

NBC has a few interesting ideas on how to make ads less annoying and more profitable. First, they plan to offer new ad blocks that only have two commercials per block.

Second, they plan to use artificial intelligence to create more interesting ads that better fit the audiences for each show.

This all comes as NBCUniversal has been struggling over the last few years in the face of cord cutting with several networks, including the Esquire Network, G4, and more, being shut down or rebranded. NBCUniversal is one of the most aggressive networks.

Now the question is will the plan to offer fewer ads help slow the growth of cord cutting.

Source: B&C

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