NBCLX Adds ESports to its Lineup

Starting today, NBCLX is adding eSports content from ESR 24/7 eSports Channel, including holiday-themed video game challenges, competitions, and interviews with eSports insiders. NBCLX is a new TV and OTT network that’s tailored to interest millennials and Gen Z-ers.

“We are thrilled for NBCLX to present esports competitive entertainment to our audiences for the very first time. Esports is a global phenomenon. We cannot wait to welcome the esports community and fans to our network,” said Matt Goldberg, VP of Content Strategy, NBCLX.  

“NBCLX is smart to engage the exploding eSports audience.  Our high-quality but down-to-earth, home-brew entertainment will connect with ordinary gamers and non-gamers, as opposed to flashy shows focused only on elite players,” said Wendy Wang, CEO of ESR.

NBCLX’s esports programming schedule features: 

  • “Thanksgaming” (Begins November 16) – Sibling rivals, punchy cousins and former best friends duke it out in a series of video game competitions married with trivia questions; all for the chance to be named ‘Grandma’s Favorite’ in the final round. 
  • “Age of Coronavirus” (Begins November 22) – Host Chase Kuertz interviews esport insiders worldwide from New York City as they grapple with and share their unique perspectives in this new age of digital communication and social distancing.
  • “Holiday Smash” (Begins December 11) – Friends and family come together to challenge each other to a series of video games and holiday-themed mini challenges to see if they have what it takes to be ‘Santa’s Little Helper.’ 
  • “Toast with the Most” (Begins December 28) – The best of the best from previous eSports Times holiday game shows face off against each other to see who is the toast with the most. 
  • “Playing with Words” (2021) – A host invites a guest over for a friendly game as they exchange conversation in several topics all-the-while competing and playing in teams. 
  • “Kills, Thrills & Chills” (2021) – Two hosts wrangle several players together to find out who can finish the scariest games without a scream and seize the prestigious title ‘Final Girl.’

You can watch NBCLX’s programming for free on LX.com with no login required, on Roku and on Apple TV, YouTube TV and Fubo TV through NBC owned station apps, on linear TV in 43 U.S. markets, and cable and digital platforms.