Nearly 26M Americans will Watch The Olympics on Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV This Year

While linear TV has long been the default option for watching the Olympic Games every four years, more people are moving over to streaming to cheer on Team USA. Recent data from Analytics IQ shows that nearly 10% of Americans (26M) are likely to watch the Games this year via Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV.

And that’s not the only thing about traditional TV that’s evolving. Of those consumers, 63.4% more likely to watch TV on a smartphone. Gone are the days of needing to be at home and in front of your TV at a certain time even to watch live events. Now, with live streaming options readily available, viewers can tune into to Olympics live from anywhere, even during a commute or waiting in line at the DMV.

In fact, the Tokyo 2020 Games is set to be the most widely programmed, and easily accessible in Olympics in history