Nearly Half of all Connected TV Time in June Was Spent on Netflix and YouTube

Netflix is proving to be the powerhouse of streaming we’ve always known it to be. New data from LightShed Partners shows that nearly half (47%) of all time spent on connected TVs in June 2021 was between Netflix and YouTube.

In comparison, services like Hulu and Disney+ saw little change from June 2020 despite subscriber growth, something the report even called “shocking.” Hulu saw 40% subscriber increase since 2020, and Disney+ reached 50% along with fresh new content, but the services are still only getting about the same number of eyeballs.

LightShed measures its CTV data based on the amount of time a subscriber spends on the app, whether on a Smart TV, mobile device, tablet, streaming device or computer.

The report concludes that the key to viewership growth on this level all lies in the content offering.

“The interesting commonality of Netflix and YouTube is its breadth of content across genres, albeit one obviously has to acquire/finance content and the other is a platform for UGC content.”