Need an Outdoor Antenna Installed? Sling TV Will Do That For You Even if You Are Not a Subscriber

Teenager girl with remote control laying down and watching tv eating popcorn.Ever wish you could get an antenna installed on your roof without the need to climb up there yourself? Now Sling TV is offering antenna installation including outdoor antennas.

No longer do you need to worry about running cables into your house or making sure an outdoor antenna is properly installed because Sling TV will send a DISH will do all that for you starting at $99.99. To have an antenna installed, call 1-888-364-6055. (Make sure to call that number. Calling the main DISH number will likely end up with someone trying to sell you a DISH TV package.)

Last year, Cord Cutters News tested DISH’s antenna installation program. You can find our full review of that installation HERE, but the short version is I was so impressed we teamed up with DISH to be the official antenna installer of Cord Cutters News.

What does this service cost?

Standard one-room antenna installation, including the antenna, is available starting at $99.99 for an indoor antenna (that price includes an indoor antenna) or $149.99 for an outdoor antenna (that price includes an outdoor antenna). You can even get the antenna installed the next day in many locations. Broadcast station availability is dependent on geographic location, topography, and antenna specifications.

This price includes installation of an antenna to one room. If you want the antenna run to multiple rooms it costs $49.99 per additional room. (Of you could buy a black Air TV

How do I get Sling TV to install an antenna?

Call 1-888-364-6055 and ask for an indoor or outdoor antenna installation. That number will go directly to DISH reps who specialize in antenna installations.

Common Questions

Do you need to be a Dish or Sling TV subscriber? NO anyone can get Dish to install an antenna. No long-term contracts needed.

Can I get a free estimate? Yes by calling 1-888-364-6055 Dish will let you know the total cost of the antenna installation.

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