Net Neutrality Rules End June 11th

Back on December 14th, 2017 the FCC voted to end the so-called Net Neutrality rules. The vote was 3-2 party-line vote by the Federal Communications Commission to repeal the controversial utility-like oversight of internet service providers that was put in place by Democrats in 2015.

“The internet is the greatest free-market innovation in history,” Ajit Pai, the Republican who took over as FCC chairman in January and pushed the repeal, said before the vote. ”Entrepreneurs and innovators guided the internet far better than the heavy hand of government ever could have,” Pai said.

“As a result of today’s misguided action, our broadband providers will get extraordinary new powers,” said Jessica Rosenworcel, one of two Democrats on the five-member FCC who voted against the repeal.

Now we have a set end date for when the rules will finally come to an end. On June 11th 2018 the current FCC rules called Net Neutrality will come to an end.

So, for now, I would not panic and this is what I suggest you do if you want Net Neutrality restored:

First, if you are upset about this make sure to call your representative in Congress. Let your voice be heard as there has already plans for a vote in Congress to make net neutrality a law not just a legal rule from the FCC. Posting online is great but will unlikely be seen by the people who matter.

Second, take a deep breath and wait. At this time nothing has happened and there will be plenty of time to worry once we know what will happen next. Yet we may have an idea as all we need to do is think back 3 years for an idea of what the internet was like before net neutrality.

Home Internet even today has many issues and is overpriced. My real hope is 5G home Internet. Once we have 5 or maybe even 10 options for home Internet, we will start to see prices come down, data caps go away, and true net neutrality comes into play.

Currently, companies like Verizon, AT&T, Dish, Charter, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Google all have a target date of 2020 to have half of the United States covered with 5G home Internet.

Once that happens you will be able to vote with your dollar and give it to the company that gives you the best service.

Source: Reuters

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