Net Neutrality Will Officially End April 23, 2018

Over the last few weeks I have been hearing a lot of people blaming the end of Net Neutrality for all kinds of woes right now. Yet Net Neutrality is still in effect and won’t start being phased out until April 23, 2018.

Yes on April 23, 2018, parts of Net Neutrality will end, but the bulk of the Net Neutrality rule changes still do not have a date for when they will be changed. The FCC and others are still busy writing new rules and, as of today, nothing will change until the new rules are official.

Yet there are efforts to save Net Neutrality in both the House and Senate as bills are gathering support to make Net Neutrality a law. Previously Net Neutrality was just a rule that any new administration could make changes to. The current efforts are to create laws that are far harder to change and overturn.

Remember as you hear people say something is because of Net Neutrality being overturned that as of today Net Neutrality is still technically in place just like it was last year.

If you want to help save Net Neutrality, I highly recommend you call your Senators and Representatives to politely tell them you want them to support Net Neutrality.

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