Netflix Has Started to Block Proxy and Smart DNS Users

cRUn4c6Just a few days ago Netflix announced plans to start aggressively blocking proxy and smart DNS users. It looks like they flipped the switch on their new system and have, at least for now, blocked users of these services.

This is not a new battle as services have faced off against proxy and smart DNS services in the past. The difference now is how vocal Netflix is being about it. In the past a change would be made to block a DNS or VPN service and the product would find a work around. Now Netflix seems dedicated to aggressively blocking these services.

It will be interesting to see who comes out on top in a few weeks: Netflix or the many smart DNS and VPN services. There are a lot of people paying to get around geographical restrictions; not only people who live outside of the areas Netflix serves but also people hoping to access additional content not available where they live.

Netflix has a lot on the line now that they have publicly stated they plan to block these services. If Netflix fails to do so it would be a black eye for them. They seem to have made promises to their partners, the content owners, who are hoping Netflix can stop these proxy services in order to resell rights to shows in different parts of the world and make the most money possible.

Although this may be the most recent move in this small war, it will surely not be the last.

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