Netflix Is Looking To Expand Into At Least 7 More Countries


Great news for Netflix fans around the world who are hoping that Netflix will come to their country. It looks like Netflix is getting ready for a major expansion into Asia, Middle East, and more of Europe.

Recently, Netflix posted a job for people to join their localization team. The job posting is for “experienced linguists with the ability to translate and customize marketing, UI and content materials for the target market”.

Farther down in the job posting is a list of the areas Netflix is looking to expand into. The listing asks for linguists who have “communication skills to provide localization for the Netflix experience in the following languages: Arabic, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Polish, and Hungarian”.  All the countries that speak these languages as a primary language do not currently have Netflix , and there has been no official announcement by Netflix regarding expansion into those areas.

Job postings like this one are often the way we first learn about new features or services. While a job posting like this could mean the expansion is years away, what it does show is that Netflix likely already has content deals to make the cost of localization worth it. Often services like Netflix will strike a deal with content creators before they start paying for localization of the service.

While it is likely many residents of of Japan, Korea, Italy, Poland, Hungary, and Arabic countries already use VPNs to get access to Netflix, hopefully they won’t have to wait long to get official access to Netflix.

In case Netflix takes down or changes the job posting you can find a screenshot of the important parts here:

Screenshot 2015-03-05 at 6.23.15 AM

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