Netflix is Planning a 2-Day StreamFest Event Where You Can Watch For Free

Netflix is looking for new creative ways to promote the streaming service, and apparently, it’s next one will be a 2-day period where non-customers can stream for free. According to code snippets in the latest version of its Android app which were pointed out by Mishaal Rahman, the streamer is hosting a StreamFest beginning Dec. 4 where the entire content library will be available for free without a subscription.

“We don’t need any payment details — just your love and undivided attention,” according to a text string found in the app. What’s more is a Netflix spokesperson confirmed that the event is in the works. “We’re always looking at different marketing promotions to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience,” the spokesperson told Protocol.

This new promotional stunt comes after Netflix recently removed its 30 day trial. Now in order to watch Netflix, users will have to sign up for one of the plan options. Choose from Basic $8.99, Standard $12.99, or Premium $15.99.

While the event looks like it’s a-go, other details indicate it might only be for a select number of people. This could mean it will only be available in a select markets, which Netflix has limited promotional campaigns to in the past. The words “Netflix StreamFest is at capacity,” can be found as part of the in-app text string, leading us to believe there’s definitely some sort of participation cap.

Those all the details we have for now. We’ll keep posting any updates as they’re released.