Netflix is Testing a Feature to Stop the ‘Still Watching?’ Question

Netflix is addressing one of the most common subscriber complaints we’ve seen on social media, by creating an option to turn off the “still watching?” pop up.

The Verge confirmed with Netflix that the feature allowing users to turn off the notification is still being tested. Those who are part of the testing are seeing a new pop up asking if they’re still watching, with a few options: “ask again later,” “play without asking again,” and “I’m done.” Choosing “play again without asking” lets users get back to their binge watching without further interruptions.

There was a good reason for implementing the “still watching?” feature. If you’re someone who tends to fall asleep with the TV on, it helps you keep track of which episode of The Office you’re on. If you don’t answer the question, the streaming service stops your viewing session which can prevent you from going over your data cap if you’re not actually watching. That said, the ability to stop the pop ups will help a whole lot of Netflix users happily enjoy their next TV marathon, blissfully unaware of how many hours have been spent in front of the screen.