Netflix is the Top Demand Streaming Service of the Year (Cordie Awards 2021)

Recently, we asked our readers to vote on their favorite streaming services, devices, and content from 2021. When it comes to what CCN readers have been watching on-demand this year, Netflix is the clear winner.

Netflix won the Cordie Award for best demand streaming service with 26.4% of the votes. HBO Max came in second place with 17.1%, followed by Disney+ at 13.8%.

Recently, research from Hub showed that 35% of viewers said their favorite show is streaming on Netflix. This year, Netflix saw huge success with Squid Game which was confirmed as the streamer’s biggest series launch ever with 111 million viewers tuning in. Money Heist, Lucifer, Elite, You, Lupin, Sex Education, The Crown, Cobra Kai, Atypical, Who Killed Sara?, Bridgerton, Locke & Key, Virgin River, and Sabrina, all streaming on Netflix, all made the list of the 21 most popular shows of 2021 as well.

The remaining votes went to

  • Prime Video at 10.9%
  • Hulu at 9.4%
  • Paramount+ at 7.4%
  • Discovery+ at 6.7%
  • Apple TV+ at 4.4%
  • Peacock at 3.5%
  • AMC+, Starz, and Showtime collectively had under 1% of the vote