Netflix Kids Profiles Get a Character-Focused Redesign

Netflix is updating Netflix Kids profiles with a design that’s more fun and easier for kids to navigate.

Focusing on characters and images, the newly redesigned Kids profiles includes a row of the user’s favorite content, with characters and art from each show and movie helping them to find what they’re looking for. Kids’ profiles will also include a row of trending kid-friendly shows and movies.

Last year, Netflix implemented changes that allowed parents to use PIN codes, added filters based on age and ratings, and made episode autoplay optional. Parental controls for kids’ profiles are still in place and the settings parents have already applied to their kids’ profiles won’t change with the update.

“We wanted to represent a title in the way that kids most recognize it — through the characters. This is going to be like a kid walking into their own room, where they know where every Lego piece is,” said Michelle Parsons, Product Manager for Kids & Family, Netflix.

The update is rolling out on connected TVs and will be tested on additional devices in the coming months.