Netflix Launches a Hub for New & Upcoming Content

Netflix is making it easier for subscribers to find the next show or movie to add to their Watchlist. The streaming service announced that it will group some categories together in a New & Popular tab.

The new section was tested in April and is now beginning to roll out on connected TVs. In the New & Popular tab, you’ll find the New on Netflix row, the Coming Soon row, and the Top 10 row, along with a new Worth the Wait row.

The new Worth the Wait row will give viewers a look at upcoming titles that will be coming to Netflix in the next 15 and 365 days. The row gives viewers new content to look forward to, in an effort to encourage subscribers not to leave the service. With so many new streaming services popping up over the last year, competition is stronger than ever, and Netflix is likely feeling the pressure to hold on to subscribers.

Netflix reported 193 million paid subscribers in June 2020, after adding 26 million in the first half of the year.