Netflix Meets With U.S. Regulators Over Net Neutrality

Netflix meet this week with U.S. regulators to talk the newly proposed net neutrality rules. Netflix opposes section of the rules that would allow ISPs to force companies like Netflix to pay more to ensure their content is delivered to consumers. Fears are arising that no longer will just paying for internet get you all the content on the web.

“Tolls coming for the Web thanks to FCC. What is the FCC thinking?” Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings posted on his Facebook page last week.

Netflix is correct in saying that these new rules would allow ISPs to block or slow content like Netflix.  According to anonymous sources Netflix is trying to get this section of the new net neutrality rules removed. Netflix correctly points out that many new start ups can not pay for special access to customers and these rules could kill innovation.

The question is will the FCC take such concerns seriously. Many people have raised concerns over the FCC and the US Government oversight organizations close association to major ISPs like Comcast. Even FCC Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker was a employee of Comcast in the past. This and other ties raise honest questions over the integrity of groups like the FCC.

“We are going to have to take all that public commentary and take a hard look at it, take a hard look at the chairman’s proposal and what the perception of that proposal is, and then also consider the admittedly difficult legal environment we are in and try to find a way forward,” said Jessica Rosenworcel, one of the FCC’s commissioners.

Well the rules are still not set in stone it is clear that Comcast and Netflix view this as a important moment for the future of the internet.



Meredith Attwell Baker