Netflix Moves to Make Accounts More Secure

NetflixLoveSelling Netflix accounts is huge money! All thieves need is your user name and password and they can sell your account. Often they take data breaches from other sites and test the user names and passwords on Netflix to find those that work. (This is a great reason not to use the same passwords on every site you have an account on.)

Now to help you keep your account more secure, Netflix has started to push phone verification for password recovery. The addition of phone verification not only will make it easier to recover lost passwords, but it will also even be a second verification some day for major changes.

Right now the black market is full of Netflix accounts for sale, and it can be hard to find out if someone is using your account. The best way to find out is to look at your recently viewed list. Are movies and shows showing up that you did not watch?

If you have multiple people using your account, use the Netflix Account Access log to see where people are logging in from. You can find the Account Access log here:

If you are worried about the security of your account, please make sure to follow the previously outlined steps before you find your password changed because someone locked you out of the Netflix account you paid for.

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