Netflix Not Only Cares That You Watch But How Often You Watch

Netflix FamilyFrom testing pre-roll trailers last year to auto-play videos this year and even spending a lot of time finding the right image to help sell you on a show, Netflix has been working hard to find ways to not only get you to watch Netflix but also to watch more often.

This has raised many questions among subscribers. First why do they care if you watch at all, and why do they want you to watch Netflix more often?

Why do they care if you watch when you pay?

This one is the easy question. Netflix cares if you are watching because people who use the service are far less likely to cancel. When you watch less Netflix, or none at all, you are more likely to cancel the service especially because Netflix recently raised their rates.

So Netflix sees increasing viewership as insurance to prevent you from canceling.

Why do they care if you watch more often?

This question is a bit more complicated and has a lot to do with the fact that Netflix is now a publicly traded company. As with all companies that are publicly traded, Netflix needs to show growth to help encourage investment in the form of buying shares that allows Netflix to have more money to invest into the service and their original content.

One of the most popular numbers Netflix likes to push to their investors is the number of hours watched. They are caught in a bit of a viscus’s cycle now since they have promoted it they need to keep growing it.

So next time you see Netflix pushing you to watch more often you now know why they put so much effort into convincing you there is something good on Netflix.

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