Netflix Now Allows Android Users to Watch Partially Downloaded Content

If you’ve ever been frustrated to get in a no wifi zone only to find your show never finished downloading, this is for you. Netflix is rolling out an update that allows users to watch partially downloaded content. In the past, the app would only let users watch content that had completely downloaded to their device. Now, this new feature will let viewers watch the part of the title that did download, regardless of if the entire download finished.

You can choose to continue the download once you’ve regained connection.

The new update will be a game-changer for when you accidentally lost service or hit your data limit while downloading. That means even if you’re stuck on an airplane or other places with no service, you’ll still be able to watch at least part of your favorite shows.

The new feature is available on Android phones and tablets running on operating system version 7.64 or later. Netflix says they will begin testing on iOS in the coming months.