Netflix Now Has Fewer Movies But More TV Shows Compared to 2010

If you have been a Netflix subscriber, you have likely noticed that their catalog of streaming movies and TV shows have changed over the last few years. Last year Netflix announced plans to make half of their content Netflix originals. Now it looks like they didn’t stop there.

According to the Netflix search engine Flixable, Netflix has cut the number of movies by over 2,000 titles since 2010; however, the number of TV shows on Netflix has tripled since then.

In 2010, Netflix had 530 TV shows and 6,755 movies. In 2018, Netflix has 1,569 TV shows and 4,000 movies in their streaming catalog.

In total back in 2010, Netflix had 7,285 titles; today Netflix has 5,579 titles.

While Netflix has not made any statements on why they are moving more into TV shows, the answer is likely because people watch them. Netflix is well known for mining the viewing habits of their subscribers to offer more content they would like. It is likely Netflix has found that most of their subscribers view TV shows more often than movies.

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