Netflix Originals are in the Same League as Disney and WarnerMedia for Long-Term Popularity

Netflix has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the late nineties. From starting as a DVD mail delivery service to pioneering the mainstream adoption of streaming, into the major production studio that it is today.

Netflix is more than just a streaming service as evidenced by its ability to create content that swings in the big leagues. Ampere Analysis has conducted research using its proprietary Critical Rating score based on user reviews, and its own popularity scoring method using website traffic, box office revenue, and volume of interest to gauge the content popularity. The findings show that nearly 1/4 of titles released in the past 5 years that are expected to have long-term popularity are Netflix Originals. That puts Netflix content side by side with Disney and WarnerMedia who also have a one-quarter share in the statistic.

Ampere’s methodology shows Netflix Originals have accounted for 31% of the most popular titles since 2019, and consistently hold a large share of the top 20 most popular titles each month.

“Competition in the SVoD market has intensified with studio-backed new entrants producing their own Originals (a number of which are based on existing, popular IP) and reclaiming titles licensed to Netflix for their own platforms,” said Analyst Rahul Patel. “But as the dominant commissioner of popular SVoD Originals and with an increasingly large release slate, Netflix has established a production brand to an extent unrivaled by any other SVoD platform.”

Netflix has been heavily focused on producing Originals for the past six years. The streaming service rose its Original content count from 124 titles to more than 2,000 as of 2020. Netflix’s specialty seems to be producing Original series, with shows like Stranger Things and The Crown ranking as some of its highest-rated and most-watched content.

Netflix has found the sweet spot for minimizing churn and cementing itself as a staple in homes across the U.S. and beyond by consistently delivering in-demand content.