Netflix Is More Popular with Cord Cutters Than Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Combined

It seems as though we have a clear leader in what service cord cutters really use. Now we know that Amazon, for example, has been closing the subscriber numbers with Netflix but it seems like it is not closing the cap in usage.

According to a recent comScore report from April 2017, Netflix is dominating 40% of all viewing among cord cutters. That is a huge lead over YouTube at 18% and Hulu with 14% followed by Amazon Video at 7%.

When you add together YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon, they account for just 39% of all viewing among cord cutters. All other services accounted for 21% of viewing.

So a few things to address. YouTube clearly gets more views but this is about viewing time. The longer format of Netflix seems to be helping it stay ahead of YouTube.

The other big shock here is that Hulu accounts for double the viewing time of Amazon Video; however, Hulu has been working hard to improve its live TV streaming service—with new content deals seems to have come new growth in viewing.

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Source: Tech Crunch 

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