Netflix Really Is Smaller Now…

Netflix FamilyHave you been wondering why Netflix seems to have fewer movies and TV shows than it used to have? The truth is Netflix has less content than it did two years ago.

According to AllFlicks, a website that tracks Netflix, in March 2014 the US Netflix library contained approximately 6,500 movies and 1,600 television shows. As of (March 23, 2016), Netflix offered its US subscribers just 4,330 movies and 1,200 TV shows—a decrease of 33% and 26%. All together US Netflix has lost 32% of its titles in a little over two years.

netflix-comparisonMuch of the lost content can be tracked to the end of a few major deals. The Epix deal that brought a ton of movies to Netflix ended last year, and Epix moved content to Hulu. Amazon has taken a few shows away from Netflix, like Doctor Who. Also whole networks, like Discovery, have moved from Netflix to Hulu.

Although this may be a negative in the short run, it has freed up money for Netflix originals. In 2016 Netflix is doubling the production of their original content. Netflix seems to be doubling down on the idea that they can make better movies and shows that will attract more people than a deal with Epix or Discovery would.

The future of Netflix is uncertain. Whereas Netflix likely would love to have access to as much content as it can get permission to stream, Netflix also seems dedicated to not over paying in order to keep money free for original content.

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