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Netflix Rolls Out Improved Parental Controls

Today Netflix announced a new set of parental controls that give parents added control over what they watch.

“At Netflix, we offer a wide variety of series and films catering to an equally broad variety of tastes and sensibilities. With that in mind, we are improving some long-standing Netflix features that provide members with the information and tools they need to make wise decisions about what’s right for themselves and for their families. We’re rolling out these improvements across the many devices used by Netflix members, and across our global markets, in the coming months.” Said Mike Hastings Director of enhanced content at Netflix.

The first major change is a new PIN parental control of individual movies and TV shows. This allows parents to create a pin that will be required to view specafic shows. Netflix already lets you require a pin for rating levels now though you can go and lock down a particular show or movie.

Netflix also announced that they will now display the rating and the reason for the rating at the start of movies and TV shows. This way even if you skipped over the movie details you will still get an idea of what you will be watching.

“One of the great benefits of internet TV is that it allows for amazing variety and provides viewers with complete control over their experience. At Netflix, we are proud to create and deliver to our members a large catalog of compelling stories crossing many genres from all over the world, while also giving them great control over how and when to enjoy them. These latest steps are part of our continuous efforts to keep members better informed, and more in control, of what they and their families choose to watch and enjoy on Netflix.” Said Mike Hastings.

Source: Tech Crunch

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