Netflix’s Announces ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 With a Memo from Emily’s Boss

Don’t put away that beret just yet, Netflix has confirmed a second season of its hit series Emily in Paris will indeed be making its way to the streaming service. The announcement came in a clever format as a memo from Emily’s fictional boss, Sylvie Grateau, complete with company letterhead. The letter is informing Emily’s Agency that she needs to stay in Paris “for an extended period of time,” despite her butting heads with her boss due to her “overconfident manner and lack of prior experience.” In true Sylvie Grateau fashion, the letter goes on to say that they love having Emily in Paris, “but please don’t let her know that.”

Season 1 premiered on Netflix October 2 with 10 episodes that follows Emily (Lily Collins) on a journey to France to work in a high-end marketing firm. Despite a difficult boss and not speaking French, Emily becomes an asset to the firm with her charming personality and quick thinking to get out of the predicaments that come her way. The first season left plenty of room for a continuing story, with Emily finding out her love triangle interest Gabriel is in fact staying in town to open his own restaurant.

This news comes as the series made its debut on Nielsen’s top streaming charts for the week ending Oct 11, landing at No. 6.