Netflix’s DVD Service Hits an 11-Year Subscriber Low

Pile of Many CDs or DVDsMaybe it will surprise some to find out that Netflix still rents DVDs. So for many it will not be a surprise that the Netflix-owned lost more subscribers.

The DVD service shed 159,000 subscribers during the final three months of 2016 to end December with 4.1 million customers. That’s an 11-year low for a format that gave Netflix its initial shot at stardom, allowing it to outinnovate and outmaneuver Blockbuster Video, then the king of home video rentals.

It is may be no surprise that the Netflix DVD membership is down because it hardly promotes the service after quietly spinning it off a few years ago.

But as Netflix DVD subscribership drops its streaming service is continuing to see strong growth with 1.9 million new US subscribers and 5.1 million new worldwide subscribers.

The continued drop in DVD subscribers raises serious concerns about the future of the DVD service. This will be sad news for the large number of American subscribers who count on their DVD service. Many Americans still live without high-speed Internet at their home or maybe a cottage or other location.

Hopefully this does not mark the end of the Netflix DVD service.

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