New Chrome Extension Adds ASL Captions to Disney+ Titles Including ‘Moana,’ and More

There’s some good news for the long-overdue need for more streaming accessibility features. A new Chrome extension called SignUp allows hard-of-hearing viewers to stream select Disney+ titles with onscreen American Sign Language captions.

The plug-in enables viewers to stream movies with a simultaneous pop-up window featuring an interpreter signing in ASL. The extension can also be used as a tool for learning ASL.

The plug-in was created by high school senior Mariella Satow who raised money for the extension by walking dogs. There is also a GoFundMe campaign you can donate to help cover the costs of expansion.

“I started learning ASL last year, and soon realized there was a lack of free and engaging learning resources,” Satow said, reported What’s On Disney Plus. “After further research, I discovered how limited the opportunities were for certain Deaf individuals, especially children, to engage fully with television and movies and decided it was time to change this. I worked with ASL experts and the Deaf community to create SignUp.”

Movies currently available to stream with the extension include Moana, The Incredibles, and Zootopia, with plans for more titles and streaming service compatibility on the way.

You can download the extension here, or search ‘SignUp’ in the Google Chrome Extension store.