New Chromecast Expected Later this Month

new-chromecase9 to 5 Google is reporting that a new Chromecast will be announced at the September 29th Google event.

The rumored new features are:

  • 11b/g/n/ac for faster WiFi streaming
  • “Fast Play” rumored to allow faster start to your videos
  • New form factor

The new Chromecast is said to come in at least 3 new colors; yellow, black, and red. It is also rumored, according to 9 to5 Google, to be a bubble-like streaming device. Considering that the Chromecast is designed to be behind your TV the addition of different colors seems confusing.  Why offer multiple colors for something you won’t see?

The new shape is also confusing as it does not look like an HDMI port on the end of the stick. It almost looks like an Apple lightening cable adapter, but the low quality photos make it hard to know for sure.

The “Fast Play” feature appears to be a quicker way to start your movies and TV shows. It may be similar to the way Amazon attempts to preload what it thinks you are likely to play, in order to have an almost instant start to your content. The addition of considerably faster 802.11ac WiFi to the new Chromecast will help make this quick start content possible.

There are still a lot of questions about the new Chromecast but we have known for some time that Google has been working on an update for the small, much loved, streaming stick. However, this looks to be a much larger update than expected.

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2 Responses to New Chromecast Expected Later this Month

  1. clocks September 18, 2015 at 3:37 pm #

    Never understood why people buy these over FTV sticks.

    • Jo September 19, 2015 at 4:16 am #

      Apps, that’s why.

      I also way prefer the AFTV stick, but I have to admit there really isn’t always the apps required to actually use it. As nice as it is, if the service I want is not on the device, it is useless to me.

      There are quite simply more apps around the world that chromecast than there are AFTV native apps.

      Now that the AFTV may begin to have casting options as well, this may become less of a big deal. Personally though, I just wish all of the main services made native apps for the AFTV.