New Details About DIRECTV NOW’s New DVR Leaked Today

Channel Surfing ManRecently DIRECTV NOW announced that they had started beta testing their new DVR feature with a plan to roll it out to everyone this fall.

Now, we get our first look at the new DVR feature- thanks to some leaks that came out this morning from our readers. (Note: these leaks come from the new mobile DIRECTV NOW app.)

According to beta testers the new DVR currently offers 100 hours of DVR. Shows you record can be found in a new My Library area on the new DIRECTV NOW app. In My Library, you can watch your shows or simply swipe left to delete the recordings you no longer want.

To setup a recording you tap on a record button.  You can also record any show you are watching right now by clicking on the menu buttons on the top corner of your app and selecting record. To see details for future shows you may want to record, check the “shows feature”.

Here are some screenshots of the new DIRECTV NOW app and DVR:

According to all reports, the beta services is still very much in beta, but users have said that it seems to work well. Hopefully, that means AT&T is still on track to release the full DIRECTV NOW DVR to everyone this fall.

As for how many people got into the beta, we are still unsure, but as best we can tell the number is still very small.

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