New Details On YouTube’s Paid Subscription Plans

youtubeWe recently received a screen shot from a questioner on a St Louis newspaper’s website. These short surveys are offered in exchange for free access to a story on their site. The first question apparently asking how often you watch YouTube and the second one asked about a paid subscription plan for YouTube.


Well this is clearly just a working idea for a subscription for YouTube it is far enough along to start surveying the public. Let us take a look at what we learned from this.

  • 3 day early access to videos.
  • Plans would cover 10 of your favorite 30 YouTube creators.
  • $6.99/month

What I find most surprising is the way they worded the number of accounts this would apply to. “10 of your favorite 30 YouTube creators”. Would this mean we do not get to pick what accounts this will work for? Or would this only work on some accounts and we would be able to pick from that list. No way to know right now what that means but it gives us some ideas about what they are going to do.

The biggest surprise is the lack of any information about ads. Early they talked about this being for ad free access to YouTube. Now it looks like this could be about early access to content. Maybe it is both or maybe there will be different tiers.

What do you think about this option? Would you subscribe for this package as described at $6.99/month?

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