This New RCA Antenna Is Built In to Your Window Shades

At CES 2018 RCA was showing off a new set of antennas. One of these antennas takes a new spin on an indoor antenna.

RCA is showcasing an antenna built into a roller shade. Now not only can your roller shade keep the sun out, but it can also pick up free over-the-air TV.

This new antenna is not yet available for sale, but RCA won a CES 2018 Innovation Award for new products. You should see these antennas hitting stores sometime later this year.

Roller shade antennas from RCA are one more step in a rush to sell antennas that will seamlessly blend into your home surroundings. No longer is the TV antenna something that stands out, it is now something that can vanish into the backdrop of your decor.

For many an outdoor antenna or attic antenna is perfect, but others do not have the option. So antennas like this help people who want to hide an indoor antenna.

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