New Study: 18 to 34 Year Olds Watch More Streamed Content Vs Cable

A new 2014 study shows that streaming media is skyrocketing amount 18-34 year olds. They now spend more time streaming media than watching traditional TV.

The 2014 survey shows that 18 to 34 years old viewers with pay TV service are spending as much time watching traditional TV as they did in 2013. But the amount of time spent streaming is up to 43 per cent of their time from 37 per cent last year. The study shows that they spend 39 per cent of their viewing traditional cable TV compared to 43 pre cent streaming. When comparing long form 20 minute+ streams.

The number of young viewers who have cut the cord and rely on streaming to access TV was 13 per cent. But the number of these who do not have bundled internet who say they are happy streaming and do not plan to return to pay TV increased to 9 per cent from 8 per cent last year.

The large jump is tied to increasing accessibility of content online compared to a few years ago.

The survey was conducted for Pivot by research company MarketCast which surveyed 2,515 adults in the 18 to 49 years bracket, in April.