New Study: 9% of All Americans Are Considering Canceling Cable/Satellite

A new study from Strategy Analytics says 9% of all Americans are considering canceling cable/satellite. When looking at just 18-24 year olds that number jumps to 14%. This would be a jump from 2013 where according to this study 6% of all adults with a internet connection canceled their cable cords last year.

Strategy Analytics predicts that cable and satellite subscriptions will drop to 79% down from 81% in 2013. They attribute this to cord cutting and younger viewers who never paid for cable.

They also point that antennas are making a big come back with a 7% jump in US usage. Over 21 million Americans get TV from a antenna.

Summary: This continued growth from 6% canceling their service in 2013 to 9% in 2014 shows a positive trend for cord cutters. As this trend continues it will create a larger market for online services. This is evident by Amazons recent move into the set top box market with their Fire TV. We also see Roku moving into TVs and streaming sticks.

A recent study by Digitalsmiths Consumer Survey reports that 43% of all cable users are considering downgrading their service in 2014. It is very likely that most of the users downgrading will supplement their service with online options like Netflix or Amazon. Overall the cord cutting market is stronger than ever and the future looks bright.

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