New Updated Vevo App is Now Available on Amazon Fire TVs

Music video network Vevo announced the launch of its updated Vevo TV app is now available on Amazon Fire TVs and will be rolling out to connected TVs later this month. The new app interface looks more like what users are familiar with on Live TV apps, complete with autoplay videos that get more personalized each time the user opens the app.

“The evolved Vevo TV app user experience is a result of years of learning how household viewership behaviors are changing as TV and digital video converge. The connected television (CTV) space continues to be the largest viewership growth area for music video, and here at Vevo, we are building products that cater to the way our fans want to watch,” said Kevin McGurn, president of sales and distribution, Vevo. “The demand for Vevo channels across platforms has made it imperative we embrace an agile approach to content delivery. This will ensure Vevo viewers can consume our content with the very best experience. Coupling the lean back programming of Vevo’s linear channels with the search and discovery of Vevo’s video on-demand in our enhanced CTV app is poised to be a winning combination.”

Vevo keeps viewers engaged by limiting its ads to no more than once every 3-4 videos, allowing viewers to stream music videos largely uninterrupted.