New Zealand has the Highest Adoption of Streaming Services, The U.S. Ranks Sixth

A new survey from Finder reveals that more than half of respondents subscribe to at least one streaming service. Of the 28,547 adults across 18 countries surveyed, 56% say they have at least one streaming service subscription, with the highest adopting country being New Zealand where 65% of respondents subscribe to streaming.

The U.S. ranked sixth in terms of streaming service adoption, with 59% reporting to have at least one subscription. Canada ranked just ahead of the U.S. with 61%, while the lowest of the 18 countries was Pakistan at 45%,

According to the survey, Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the U.S. with 45% of Americans saying they have a subscription. The second most popular service is Amazon Prime Video with 33%, and Hulu which is in 22% of U.S. homes according to survey results.

“Over the last decade we’ve seen a real boom in streaming services and the COVID-19 pandemic seems to have only accelerated the trend,” Dampney said. “With people spending more time at home during the pandemic, it’s no surprise these providers are so popular.”