NHL Coverage is Headed Back to ESPN, Hulu & ABC With 103 Exclusive Games Beginning in October

The National Hockey League is getting back on the ice with The Walt Disney Company. The companies announced the 2021-2022 NHL season will be available across ESPN, ESPN+, Hulu, and ABC for the first time since 2004. The season will showcase 103 exclusive regular-season games across Disney’s four outlets and more than 1,000 out-of-market games will be available on ESPN+.

The Season will kick off October 12 with a doubleheader featuring the Pittsburgh Penguins against the two-time defending Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning at 7:30 p.m. ET, followed by the Seattle Kraken’s franchise debut against the Vegas Golden Knights at 10 p.m. ET. Both games will be available on ESPN and simulcast on ESPN+

ESPN+ and Hulu exclusive game schedule:

DateTime (ET)NetworkTeams
Oct. 1510 p.m.ESPN+/HuluMinnesota vs. Anaheim
Oct. 197 p.m.ESPN+/HuluColorado vs. Washington
Oct. 227 p.m.ESPN+/HuluBoston vs. Buffalo
8:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluLos Angeles vs. Dallas
Oct. 2310 p.m.ESPN+/HuluVancouver vs. Seattle
Oct. 268:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluSan Jose vs. Nashville
Oct. 297 p.m.ESPN+/HuluFlorida vs. Detroit
Nov. 210 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNew Jersey vs. Anaheim
10:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluBuffalo vs. San Jose
Nov. 510 p.m.ESPN+/HuluArizona vs. Anaheim
10:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNew Jersey vs. Los Angeles
Nov. 97 p.m.ESPN+/HuluFlorida vs. New Jersey
10 p.m.ESPN+/HuluSeattle vs. Vegas
Nov. 127 p.m.ESPN+/HuluEdmonton vs. Buffalo
8:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluArizona vs. Chicago
Nov. 167 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNY Islanders vs. Florida
8:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluDetroit vs. Dallas
Nov. 1910 p.m.ESPN+/HuluColorado vs. Seattle
Nov. 238:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluEdmonton vs. Dallas
Nov. 263:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNY Rangers vs. Boston
6 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNew Jersey vs. Nashville
Nov. 307 p.m.ESPN+/HuluSan Jose vs. New Jersey
8 p.m.ESPN+/HuluTampa Bay vs. St. Louis
Dec. 39:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluVegas vs. Arizona
Dec. 77 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNashville vs. Detroit
7:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluAnaheim vs. Buffalo
Dec. 107 p.m.ESPN+/HuluPittsburgh vs. Washington
7:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNashville vs. New Jersey
Dec. 148 p.m.ESPN+/HuluCarolina vs. Minnesota
9 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNY Rangers vs. Colorado
Dec. 178 p.m.ESPN+/HuluDallas vs. St. Louis
10 p.m.ESPN+/HuluArizona vs. Anaheim
Dec. 217 p.m.ESPN+/HuluWashington vs. Philadelphia
10 p.m.ESPN+/HuluArizona vs. Seattle
Dec. 287 p.m.ESPN+/HuluMontreal vs. Tampa Bay
10:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluArizona vs. San Jose
Jan. 48:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluColorado vs. Chicago
10 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNY Islanders vs. Seattle
Jan. 67 p.m.ESPN+/HuluPittsburgh vs. Philadelphia
Jan. 1110:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluDetroit vs. San Jose
Jan. 137 p.m.ESPN+/HuluColumbus vs. Carolina
Jan. 174 p.m.ESPN+/HuluMontreal vs. Arizona
Jan. 187 p.m.ESPN+/HuluColumbus vs. NY Islanders
Jan. 207 p.m.ESPN+/HuluWashington vs. Boston
Jan. 257 p.m.ESPN+/HuluDallas vs. New Jersey
10 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNashville vs. Seattle
Jan. 277 p.m.ESPN+/HuluLos Angeles vs. NY Islanders
Feb. 17 p.m.ESPN+/HuluFlorida vs. NY Rangers
10 p.m.ESPN+/HuluBuffalo vs. Vegas
Feb. 247 p.m.ESPN+/HuluColumbus vs. Florida
March 17 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNew Jersey vs. Columbus
March 47 p.m.ESPN+/HuluMinnesota vs. Buffalo
March 77:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluToronto vs. Columbus
March 87:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluArizona vs. Detroit
March 107 p.m.ESPN+/HuluMinnesota vs. Detroit
8 p.m.ESPN+/HuluAnaheim vs. Nashville
March 1510:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluFlorida vs. San Jose
March 1710 p.m.ESPN+/HuluSan Jose vs. Los Angeles
10:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluFlorida vs. Vegas
March 2210:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNashville vs. Los Angeles
March 248 p.m.ESPN+/HuluPhiladelphia vs. St. Louis
10 p.m.ESPN+/HuluChicago vs. Los Angeles
March 2510 p.m.ESPN+/HuluSeattle vs. Anaheim
March 297 p.m.ESPN+/HuluCarolina vs. Tampa Bay
March 317 p.m.ESPN+/HuluColumbus vs. NY Islanders
April 57 p.m.ESPN+/HuluCarolina vs. Buffalo
8 p.m.ESPN+/HuluMinnesota vs. Nashville
April 77 p.m.ESPN+/HuluPittsburgh vs. NY Rangers
7:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluBuffalo vs. Carolina
April 147 p.m.ESPN+/HuluDetroit vs. Carolina
April 198 p.m.ESPN+/HuluBoston vs. St. Louis
April 217 p.m.ESPN+/HuluDetroit vs. Florida
April 25,8 p.m.ESPN+/HuluPhiladelphia vs. Chicago
April 267 p.m.ESPN+/HuluEdmonton vs. Pittsburgh
April 287 p.m.ESPN+/HuluTampa Bay vs. NY Islanders