Nickelodeon and NFL Team Up for Another Special Playoff Game Broadcast and New Highlight Show

Nickelodeon is bringing back the slime to the NFL’s Wild Card game this January. The kids’ network is teaming up with the NFL again to air a special broadcast of the game geared toward younger audiences, complete with on-screen graphics and commentary by kids in addition to the regular broadcast on CBS. The goal is to reach a younger audience of sports fans who wouldn’t be reached otherwise.

Nickelodeon and the NFL saw huge success last year when they aired a special, kid-friendly version of the Wild Card game. The game had animations show up on the screen to make it more interesting for kids, including funny filters of hamburgers floating above players’ heads, clouds beneath their feet, and green slime cannons erupting in the touchdown zone.

In addition to the upcoming game this winter, Nickelodeon is also debuting a new half-hour weekly highlight series called NFL Slimetime hosted by Nickelodeon star Young Dylan, teen correspondent Dylan Schefter and Lincoln Loud. The show will have 23 episodes of kid-centered highlights with guest appearances by Nickelodeon stars, players, and more.

NFL Slimetime will premiere Wednesday, September 15 on Nickelodeon’s linear channel, with episodes available next-day on Paramount+.