Nielsen Adds Hulu and Disney+ to SVOD Top 10 List, but Netflix Still Sweeps

Nielsen recently released its first-ever list of weekly top 10 streaming programs with the fist list covering August 3-9. The report only included Netflix and Amazon Prime Video content in the US to begin with. Now the ratings firm has added Hulu and Disney+ to the streaming list as well.

With that being said, Netflix still made a clean sweep with its shows dominating all 10 spots for the most-watched list covering data from August 17 to August 23. Lucifer dethroned The Umbrella Academy as the number one streamed show for the week with 1,591 million minutes on viewers’ screens.

Coming in at number 2 is the cult favorite cartoon The Legend of Korra which hit the streaming service on August 13, the first time since it’s original premiere more than five years ago from 2012-2014. The Umbrella Academy was bumped to the number 3 spot on the list for the week reported.

You can see the full top 10 list, along with the top lists of shows on cable for the week, and the top shows on broadcast TV, broken down by demographic, on the Nielsen website.