Nielsen: Consumers Stream a Collective 169B Minutes Per Week, Up 18% Since 2021

Nielsen has released its first State of Play report, detailing current trends in the video streaming industry. The report finds that overall streaming is up 18% YoY as viewers draw from a seemingly endless pool of content available at their fingertips.

The average amount of time viewers spend streaming video per week rose to 169.4 billion in Feb 2022, up from m143.2 the same time last year. Most consumers are spending between $15 and $49 per month on streaming service subscriptions, and 93% plan to increase their streaming options or make no change to their current plans.

The report also shows some of the frustrations consumers are experiencing with streaming. While 72% of Americans say they love their user experience with video streaming services, 64% of viewers also say they wish there was a bundled video streaming service that would allow them to choose as few or as many video streaming services that they wanted, more like channels.

And when it comes to streaming service options, sometimes less is more. The report shows 46% of viewers say it’s harder to find the video streaming content that they want to watch because there are too many streaming services available to consumers.