Nielsen’s Latest Top 10 List Clocks Lower Streaming Minutes Overall For the Week

It was a down week overall in terms of viewership minutes across the major streaming platforms with just one title crossing the 1 billion mark. Netflix’s Virgin River clocked the most streaming time of any title for the week ending July 25, reaching just over 1.2 billion minutes. For reference, it crossed 2 billion the previous week.

Manifest fell short of its mark from last week as well, hitting 939 million compared to the 1.2 billion from the week prior. Grey’s Anatomy made it to third place with 723 million minutes of streaming time.

As for original titles, the novelty of Marvel Studio’s Loki and Black Widow are falling off now that the initial release dates are long past. Loki wrapped up the final episode July 14 on Disney+, and with just 6 episodes, there’s not a lot of draw for viewers to rewatch the series anytime soon. Most of these views are likely from first-timers who didn’t watch the episodes when they were first released.

As for Black Widow, it’s still behind the Disney+ Premier Access paywall and didn’t even register on the top 10 chart. Instead, the list was mainly dominated by Luca which lead with 454 million minutes, and The Twilight Saga which recently made its way to Netflix in July.