Nielsen’s Top 10 Shows Netflix Users Binge-Watched ‘The Office’ Before its Move to Peacock

Netflix lost an iconic series this month as The Office headed over to NBC’s Peacock on January 1. The beloved sitcom was Netflix’s top show in 2020, and it seems like subscribers were out to get their fill of it on the platform one last time before it was gone. The Office was the No. 1 watched show on Nielsen’s streaming list for Dec. 7-13, with 1.279 billion in viewing minutes across the 192 episodes.

Disney+ came in second with its mega-hit The Mandalorian.” The Star Wars spinoff also broke the 1 billion threshold across its 15 episodes.

Netflix swept the remaining spots with its romantic drama Virgin River, The Crown, and Manhunt: Deadly Games taking up the remaining spots in the top 5.

Persons 2+ Total Minutes Viewed – Week of 12/7/20 – 12/13/20
RankSVOD ProviderProgram Name# of EpisodesMinutes (Millions)
1Netflix“The Office”1921.279 billion
2Disney+“The Mandalorian”151.042 billion
3Netflix“Virgin River”20948 million
4Netflix“The Crown”40932
5Netflix“Manhunt: Deadly Games”10827
7Netflix“Grey’s Anatomy”365698
8Netflix“Criminal Minds”277681
9Netflix“Big Mouth”39622
10Netflix“Schitt’s Creek”80621