No, Netflix Is Not Planning to Run Ads At Least Right Now

Stranger Things PhotoOver the last few months, a flood of TV industry and advertising executives have been pushing the idea that Netflix will run ads. Stories like this one from CNBC push the idea that “Netflix will have no choice but to run ads.” Stories like this have lead to many of our readers believing that Netflix is actively working to bring ads to Netflix like you see on Hulu. The truth is no Netflix has not announced plans to bring traditional ads to its streaming service.

Yet it’s strange to see everyone who wants Netflix to run ads typically falls into one of two categories. First, they sell ads and would financially benefit if Netflix ran ads. Second, they are Netflix competitors hoping Netflix would run ads because they run ads.

Over the years, Netflix has aggressively pushed back on the idea that they will run traditional ads. That is not to say that Netflix does not run ads. Netflix often promotes their shows and movies in what many call ads but Netflix says are trailers that sometimes play after a movie or TV show has ended for example.

Now Netflix does have ads in their shows and movies. Netflix has a very aggressive product placement department. For example, if you watch a TV show you may notice that all the cars are Fords or Chevys for example. This is likely because companies paid to clearly promote their products during the show as an ad.

Yet even with Netflix’s ads in shows something most major TV shows do Netflix has so far been very clear that they plan to stay away from more traditional ads.

So, next time you see a story about how Netflix should or will add more traditional ads ask yourself why they are so aggressively pushing that idea.

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