An Official Amazon Video App for Android TV Is Real, Just No One Can Install It

About two months ago Amazon uploaded an Amazon Video app for Android TV to the official Google Play Store. Yet although the app is there, Amazon has not set it up to be installable on any Android TV device.

According to Amazon, the app “gives you two ways to instantly stream videos on your Android TV device. Buy or rent your favorite titles or join Amazon Prime and get unlimited access to award-winning Prime Originals as well as thousands of movies and TV shows at no additional cost.”

So the question now is why is the app just sitting there for two months and Amazon has not turned it on?

According to reports, there are still high-level talks between Google and Amazon over YouTube on the Fire TV. Recently Google pulled support for their official YouTube app on the Fire TV. This Amazon Prime video app showed up shortly after that announcement. It is possible that Amazon is trying to negotiate with Google and Amazon Prime Video is part of the talks.

Some Android TV players, like the Nvidia Shield and Sony Smart TVs, have struck deals with Amazon to have their own dedicated app. Other Android TV owners have found workarounds by sideloading the app. Yet many more are waiting for an official Amazon Video app on Android TV before they buy an Android TV device. Hopefully soon Amazon and Google will come to a deal to turn on the Android TV Amazon Video app.

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