Oregon’s Net Neutrality Bill Is Heading to the Governor

This week the Oregon House passed House Bill 4155 for net neutrality and sent it to the governor’s desk.

This bill will prevent internet service providers that work with public bodies such as state and local governments and school districts from creating “paid prioritization” for preferred services. Now it just needs the governor’s signature.

About two dozen other states have introduced similar bills. There are also net neutrality bills in the Senate and House of Representatives. No dates have been set for a vote in the Senate or House but enough backers have signed up for the senate version to force a vote on the proposed bill.

Oregon will join Washington State, which is the first state to pass a law and have it signed by their governor. On Monday, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee signed a new net neutrality law that will take effect on June 6, 2018.

Other states, such as New York, have had executive orders signed to require similar rules to the Oregon House bill.

Source: OPB

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