Over Half of Hulu Viewers Watch Little or No Traditional TV

Hulu has released research results showing that more than half of Hulu viewers are either light linear viewers or non-viewers of TV.

The research made it even more clear that as cord cutting continues to grow, viewers are increasingly more likely to never start a cable subscription, viewing TV only through streaming services. Hulu’s cordless audience is growing, reaching 21 million cordless ad-supported viewers – all of whom cannot be reached with traditional TV.

Research studies conducted with Nielson showed that 85% of viewers who saw an ad campaign on Hulu were considered “light linear viewers.”

This data has made a huge impact on the ways that advertisers create campaigns to reach their target audience. Hulu has become an ideal place for advertisers to reach an otherwise hard to reach audience. The streaming service has fewer ads than traditional TV and an engaged audience of over 58 million unique viewers watching those ads.

With over half of Hulu subscribers watching little or no traditional TV, the studies found that 53% of viewers who saw an ad campaign on Hulu never saw the ad campaign on traditional TV.

Advertisers, including Kroger and Lexus, are seeing huge success in investing in ads shown on Hulu. With a large audience in the target age range and viewers more likely to watch the shorter ad breaks, other advertisers are sure to see the benefits in advertising on streaming services as well.

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