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Rabbit TV Plus Gifts Free Service to Troops for the Holidays

If you know a US service member make sure to let them know Rabbit TV Plus is free for them right now. Press release from Rabbit TV: Watching television is a quintessential part of the holiday tradition. As families travel to be together, whether across town or across the country, Rabbit TV Plus has already […]

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Netflix Is Coming To Australia In 2015

Netfix has announced that it will be launching in Australia sometime in 2015. Already many in Australians use VPNs to access Netflix. Some estimated 200,000 Australians already have Netflix accounts and will now have the ability to use Netflix without VPNs or DNS services. This announcement did not go unnoticed by Australian cable companies. Foxtel this week […]

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Looking For Live Streaming Election Results On Roku And Chromecast? Check Out This List

The US 2014 midterm elections are here and we have compiled a list of places you can stream election results on Roku and Chromecast. Chromecast: Looking for National updates? NPR will be streaming their live video coverage available on Chromecast. Find the full details by clicking here. You can also use ABC Newes with Chromecast. […]

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Selling Netflix Accounts Is Big Money

  The sale of  stolen Netflix logins is turning into the next big money maker online. The demand for Netflix accounts is creating a black market for stolen usernames and passwords. It is also seen as a safe crime with low chances of prosecution compared to stealing credit cards. Stealing 10,000 account logins could easily turn into […]

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Canada’s Bell Announces Netflix Clone With Content From HBO And Hollywood

Canadian cord cutters will soon have one more options later this year. Canadian broadcaster Bell Telco announced they have partnered with HBO and several major Hollywood movie studios to lunch a new streaming service similar to Netflix. The service has no official name yet but goes under the project name “Latte”. “Project Latte addresses a […]

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YouTube Plans Paid, Ad-Free Subscriptions

It looks like YouTube is about to offer subscriptions so you can avoid seeing ads with your videos. This came out Monday at the Code Mobile conference from Susan Wojcicki who took over YouTube this year. “A paid, ad-free subscription version of YouTube, in addition to the existing ad-supported offering, would give users more choice […]

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Amazon Announces Fire TV Stick A Chromcast Competitor

Big news Amazon is taking on Chromecast. Today, Amazon is bringing the same experience customers love about Amazon Fire TV–ease of use, great performance, and vast selection–to a smaller and even more affordable device. Introducing Fire TV Stick, a small stick that connects to the HDMI port on your HDTV for instant access to movies, TV shows, […]

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Average United States Download Speed Jumps 11.03Mbps In Just One Year to 30.70Mbps

The most recent average US download speed from Ookla Speedtest for October 2014 is 30.70Mbps. In October 2013 the average speed was just 19.67Mbps. Globally the average download speed is 21.03Mbps up from 15.61Mbps in October 2013. In 2012 the average speed was 13.17Mbps down globally and 15.42Mbps in the US. Clearly 2014 has seen major […]

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